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Wheeljack's Ghost
My C-Scale

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Below you will find my Transformers Rating Scale. I'll be the first to say that it is not perfect, but at least it helps me to be consistant with scoring the bots in my collection.

C10 - Sealed. Factory mint condition

C9.95 - Display model only
Stickers unnaplied

C9.9 - Display only
Stickers applied precisely
No imperfections

C9.75 - Minor blemishes in paint
Minor dulling of stickers
Near perfect windows
Near perfect tires
Major standing and posing joints tight

C9.5 - Minor paint chips (barely noticeable)
Some light scratching of paint
Some light scratching of stickers
Chrome shows some loss of shine

C9.25 - 3+/- small (noticeable) paint chips
Minor lifting of some stickers
Minor scratching to windows

C9.0 - Small paint chips evident
Minor scratches and wear to some stickers
Chrome begining to dull in places
Slight looseness in some joints(fully poseable)

C8.75 - Light scratching and wear to windows
Some stickers with chips, dimples, edgewear
Good tires with minor fading in color

C8.50 - Minor yellowing to some plastic parts
Minor/light chromewear

C8.25 - Paint chips/scratches evident

C8.0 - Looseness in joints (most still hold pose)
Slight yellowing throughout figure

C7.75 - Sticker wear on all/most stickers troughout
Slight cracking of 1-2 tires
Moderate wear to windows

C7.50 - Moderate yellowing throughout figure
Chrome wear evident

C7.25 - Slight cracking of all tires

C7.0 - Moderate looseness in joints
Moderate paint chipping
Moderate sticker wear
Moderate chrome wear

C6.75 - Misplaced stickers

C6.50 - Severe yellowing to figure

C6.25 - Moderate cracking of tire(s)

C6.0 - Missing stickers (unless present but unapplied)
Severe looseness in joints

C5.75 - Stress marks in plastic pieces

C5.50 - Missing tires

C5.25 - Broken part (still present)

C4.25 - Broken/missing part(s)

Using this system figures are graded on an average score. Simply go down the list and mark your figure's score in each category then divide by the number of categories to get what your figure's C-Rating would be by my scale. Some figures will not us all categories.

The following categories are graded:

Paint (includes yellowing of pieces)

So, here's an example using my Hound figure:

Paint - 9.5
Stickers - 6.0
Windows - 9.25
Tires - 9.75
Joints - 9.0
Chrome - 8.5

Hound's total was 52 / 6(no. of categories) which gives him a score of C8.66 (too bad he doesn't have better stickers, eeh!.)

Please note: Opinions on how figures should be graded vary greatly. I developed this system for myself, but thought others might be interested in seeing/using it. If you have ideas on how I could improve on my system, drop me a line, I love opinions as long as they are constructive and respectful in nature.

C9.5 - C10 = Collector Quality
C9.0 - C9.5 = Slightly Played/Collector Quality
C8.5 - C9.0 = Minor Played Condition
C8.0 - C8.5 = Played Condition
C7.5 - C8.0 = Moderate Played Condition
C7.0 - C7.5 = Major Played Condition
C6.0 - C7.0 = Severe Played Condition
Below C6.0 = Parts Condition